What I Learned From 6 Months of Roller Skating

6 months is a crucial passing of time in my eyes. I always see it as the point where we check in and ask ourselves; what have I learnt, what have I done wrong, and what can I do to grow?

In my first roller skating post, Rock and Roller-Skating, I mainly speak about resilience. Roller skating came into my life when I had no resilience and no community around me. Slowly it unfolded a brand new world for me to get excited by.

Before, roller skating meant the art of learning to love myself without having to aim for perfection, and now it is about freedom and healing.

When I am skating, I can be whoever I need to be, feeling anything I need to feel.

Falling over is still a huge part of my skating journey, but now falling is characterised by giving myself time to heal. I have pretty much hurt everything whilst skating; most notably my wrist, finger and palm (which still hurts now).

In that moment before I crash into the ground, and after I have tried something new, I hang in suspense. At one moment, my stomach is dropping through my heels, and my soul is soaring in the skies above me. As I tumble into the ground and pain shoots up my hands, I am humbled and silent, soothing the pain and trying to breathe my way through it. I carry on skating for a while to ensure I will not create an enemy out of my skates, but then I head home, and look after myself as I should. When hibernating at home, I rest from yoga, I eat veggies and protein, and I get my sleep in.

I have realised that my body is designed to heal.

I come back to skating when I am stronger, and sometimes I have reinjured myself. I try hard not to get angry, and try to focus on the fact that again, I need to take time away to prioritise recovery.

Luckily, I have not had many awful injuries (touch wood for me please!), but I am so grateful for building up a trust with my body that I can catch myself when I fall, but if I fall my body heals me, and I help as much as I can.

Best of all is the fact that my old blue and purple skates have now retired; I have ridden them to bits. So I have upgraded to a new pair of skates that I am decorating with butterflies and patches saying “still growing”.

If roller skating reminds me of anything, it is that I am always growing.

Sending you love and growth,

Evee x

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    πŸ’Ž Basically, Brutally, Callously EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We CHOOSE!!! when to Shuffle Off Our Mortal Coil ~ Bill S The Bard as Our “Bodies ARE Immortal, Designed to Heal” EveryBody…ergo, a Body Dies and The Rest Remains Beyond The Veil The Essence, Conscious and Memory; it’s a Tough Ask to Accept but We Do Things in Reverse until We Awaken from Our Angst and Ascend

    πŸ’Ž – Diamond Hard – πŸ’Ž


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