#35 Thursday Thoughts: What Does Grief Represent To You?

To me, grief represents love, beauty but also isolation. Grief can be beautiful in the way it brings people together, but also isolating. Isolating because only one person could heal your heart in a world full of people.

Evee x

6 thoughts on “#35 Thursday Thoughts: What Does Grief Represent To You?

  1. 💜 For Me, My Mentor is Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, the Author of ‘Death and Dying’ and SHE!!! Sums “Grief” Up Thus EveryOne, Five Stages; it Starts with Denial, then Anger, then Bargaining, then Depression, then Acceptance in No Particular Order EveryBody and We Vacillate between ALL Five Stages of “Grief”


  2. My experience recently was with the death of a dear friend. I realized that when others, ones with whom you forged a bond, die, they take part of you with them. And in return they leave something with you in return. An exchange of essences. Grief is the period of adjustment supporting rebalancing.

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