#38 Thursday Thoughts: What Does Halloween Mean To You?

I enjoy Halloween, but as a grieving person the mention of spirits, the dead and the imagery that comes with it, can be quite difficult to see. What are your thoughts?

Evee x

22 thoughts on “#38 Thursday Thoughts: What Does Halloween Mean To You?

  1. it means martin luther and apostasy and heresy. it means that all saints and souls trump it. let the dead be may they rest in peace pray for souls and ask for their prayers too. you?

  2. 💜 I Have Faith and Conviction in SOMB (Rhymes with WOMB and is Soul Observer Mind Body) EveryOne; ergo, when a Body Goes, SOM Remains…there ARE Constantly Whispers from SOM both Day and Night and NOT!!! Only at “Halloween” EveryBody; it’s Whispers that ARE Mostly Benevolent but Even The MALEVOLENT!!! 😱🤯👻 Whispers ARE Manageable


  3. I like to have a bowl of sweets ready for small ghosts that visit my door and I like to carve a few pumpkins… I find Halloween cosy and surprisingly social with all the people wondering about and calling at people’s doors. Halloween is a very old Christian festival… So I personally don’t have a problem with Halloween, because I like old Christian festivals and Holy Wells, Saints etc and things which were discarded during the reformation… but I do know Christians who don’t like Halloween, so that’s OK too because everyone has their own views on things. I am going to make pumpkin pie again this year X 😁 … Carved pumpkins/ turnips etc were thought to protect people… Much like putting greenery in one’s house at Christmas X take care and have a lovely day whatever you decide to do X

  4. This a kid’s holiday. Dress up in a foolish costume and people give you candy. Try to put grief on hold for a day and enjoy the innocence of children.

  5. Halloween used to be fun, and children dressed in costumes were cute, but these days Halloween has taken a very dark turn with more evil being celebrated, more gore and more debauchery. I am no longer celebrating this day, but focusing on the autumn and Thanxgiving. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  6. I have a child’s enjoyment of Hallowe’en, because when I was a child I enjoyed Hallowe’en. The costume, the candy, the sensation of running around in the fall cold at night toward festively lit houses. In later years, I enjoyed giving candy, going to the door while also listening to the Orson Welles broadcast. I think the fear I like at Hallowe’en is still the child or the adolescent kind. So the seriousness of death is not part of the observance or the celebration. Hmm, I guess that’s simply the way it is for now. Hallowe’en is somehow protected from the actual terrors and sadnesses of death.

  7. I love the activities around Halloween and totally ignore any of its philosophical content. Come to think of it I do that with most holidays. Life has so many bitter moments, sometimes I have to avoid thinking and just play. Take care of you my friend.

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