As Told By Christopher

TW: topics containing sudden death

After reading your post about November, I got to work on a poem about my friend who died now several years ago. I was living with him at the time.  We were two teachers at the same college.  He had asked me to stay with him since his children were away at school themselves and so there would be room.  And he and I got along well.  He was, in fact, my best friend on campus.

… I got to thinking about that and realised the poem with the experience is about enigma.”

– Christopher

Beyond Anger and Guilt

(in grief)

I miss you

I think I was there

When you died

I heard a thump upstairs


A kind of noise not to think about

‘Til later on

And then I also got to think

About the blood clot

That killed you

After surgery

Coming from your leg

Into your heart

That you were in pain there

On the day you were discharged

And I asked you

To mention that

To the doctor

You said you would

But I know you wanted out

And I wonder

If you said anything

At all

for Steve H


Thank you so much to Christopher for sharing this beautiful poem with us, in memory of Steve H. In its sweet simplicity, this poem beautifully explores our theme of “The Many Faces of Grief”. In particular, the disbelief in the loss and the questions death leaves behind. To read more poetry from Christopher, you can find his blog here:

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