30 thoughts on “#40 Thursday Thoughts: What Brings You The Most Amount of Joy At The Moment?

  1. πŸ’œ Just Being EveryOne; when My Body Goes My SOM (Soul (Essence) Observer (Consciousness) Mind (Memory) Remains from Beyond The Veil) after SOMB (Rhymes with WOMB) and is Soul Observer Mind Body EveryBody


  2. Difficult question. I guess when I see or hear my daughter happy and passionate about a project. It means she’s healing. having my grandson at home. He is charming at 5. Granddaughter is entering the “terrible 2’s”. She needs a bit of… “orientation”… Traveling does open my mind too…
    What about you?

      1. Yes. Leaves are a good source of meditation. Sometimes when I’m in good, I can spend “hours” looking at the leaves moving with the sun in the wind. Try it in the summer. Almost hypnotic. πŸ™πŸ»

  3. Hmm. Writing brings joy. And taking short drives to nowhere in particular. And talking with my sister over the phone. And knowing I’ll be visiting with friends (in person) soon. Thanks for the question!

  4. Waking early, making coffee and breakfast on a tray in bed. The time of day is still and it feels like nothing in the world matters. On Friday, I make chips ( fries) and have them with wine as a treat to mark the working week, knowing tomorrow is Saturday and I can do precisely what I want.

    1. Oh the joy of chips, I know that joy. I love that I can eat and knowing those that can’t due to illness, I’m very grateful of the experience each and every chip until I’ve had enough, then there’s just a couple to share with the hennies. πŸ“πŸ“ It’s a shame the chippy doesn’t do a cone of chips, because there’s always far too many in a portion. The hennies don’t mind though.

    1. Dancing, yes dancing needs to be on my joy list. πŸ’ƒ Sometimes it can be blinkin’ hilarious and very joyful. Lately we’ve (myself and my daughter) been practicing using saidi sticks (like a big walking stick that is long enough to go from the floor to your waist) in the open air. There’s a move I’ll call the tap, tap, grab, tap for now. It’s where you hold the stick up like you’re holding up a huge lollypop. 🍭 You tap the air forward of you, then tap it back towards your shoulder, then forward and sort of throw the stick slightly into the air and grab t’other end, then tap it forward again. Of course dropping it is all part of the learning. Practice, practice, practice and that will stop happening.

  5. Sometimes it is a little moment of seeing something pretty like a cloud that looks like a teddy or someone being kind and sharing nicely or finding a vegan recipe that tastes amazing…
    Other times it is a day of joy e.g. Waking up with enthusiasm for a big dirty task and having the energy, thus doing that task really well all the time knowing it will benefit others, then a nice warm bath, followed by chocolate biscuits with a cuppa relaxing in the knowledge a jobs been well done. This happened yesterday, as I had the oomph and the energy to predator proofed the hens run with an 8 inch trench all around, lined with wire, held in a curve almost vertically with large heavy stones line a dry stone wall to hold the wire in place, soil added on top of the stones, with a line of 2 foot long logs on top of that to make it look like all there is just a pretty edge of logs around their run. Only 2 hens πŸ“πŸ“ with a run that started out as a 3 metre by 2 metre poly tunnel. There’s one area I’ve poured a bag of children play area sand. There’s a blackcurrant bush in there and when they wake this morning and get let out and give them their mixed corn, I’ve a lettuce πŸ₯¦ for them too and so the joy will continuing into today.

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