As Told By Stella Raven #2

I suppose the grief took me to the margins of places where most others don’t reside. The people I met there and who I was myself then allowed me go through my losses in my own way. So much of what I went through others didn’t understand and those who did were a treasure to me. That process allowed me to choose the aspects of Christmas I wanted and the attitude towards it. I wrote about it in A Christmas Psychosis – I could only do that many years after. 

In acute grief there were years I couldn’t be with families – my partner then, would make me stay at his all day while he went to see his family, on his return we’d chat about how it all felt, I’d cry then we’d have wine, pudding, laughter and chill. It helped me heal. 

Today, for me Christmas is about having less, giving to others and indulging in things that bring comfort and joy. 

Each Christmas I buy a new decoration – this year I have a wonderful, beautiful wreath for my door. It’s my Christmas now . I enjoy it so much. 

Sending festive thoughts Stella xx


Thank you so much to Stella commenting this under our Thursday Thoughts discussion. This is such a reflective comment, that I think it shows how grief shapes our Christmases, and how eventually we begin to shape our Christmases again. Healing is a process. 🤍

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We have such wonderful discussions as part of Thursday Thoughts, and it is our pleasure to read what you have to say 🤍

10 thoughts on “As Told By Stella Raven #2

  1. So lovely. So true. And what a gift you give. It is so very much the essence of me. Made all the more stronger by you. You’ll hear my laughter and smiles from where you are. Happy Christmas ! Stella

    1. Honestly, Christmas 🎄 was okay for me. Where I am now, how I feel is quite unbelievable to me. Apologies for lapse in response , champagne, laughter – some dancing – and the labyrinth of WordPress and google 🤨🌸💖 sending thanks and wishes to you, stella

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