#47 Thursday Thoughts: Do You Have a New Years Resolution?

Do you believe in New Years’ Resolutions? I personally don’t think I do; I can’t think of anything to commit to for a whole year, so instead I do monthly ones!


25 thoughts on “#47 Thursday Thoughts: Do You Have a New Years Resolution?

  1. πŸ’œ I Agree SupaSoulSis; the Only Constant is Change so My “Resolutions” ARE Moment-By-Moment


  2. I’m a goal-setter, but I like shorter-term goals. This is about the time memberships rise at my gym, but by Feb. 1st things have returned to normal.

  3. I’m not a fan of sweeping life-changing resolutions made at the stroke of midnight and abandonned by the end of the first week of January. I do set goals every year but I like to take time to reflect before announcing them to the world.

  4. Please forgive my late reply . It is a New year – New Years always mark a change from the where we were to to where we are and where we are going or want to be . Speaking for myself , I’d say my NY resolutions have been in the past to accept the place where I am – be that miserable, happy or hoping.

    There is nothing to fear from misery, or as we know it, acute processing of grief or pain . Listen up , the greatest work of arts, drama, opera, songs have been built around the connection to loss of those we still love, or have in the pursuit of romance or ideal of.

    I always set a outlook for myself , what I want to a achieve outisde the constraints of the world.

    Set your focus with this in mind – we do know why we are here.

    Perhaps it is to be …. you . Incomplete, beautiful and magnificent as your are.

    Love and wishes for all . Stella xx

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