12 thoughts on “#48 Thursday Thoughts: Do You Believe In Setting A Yearly Goal?

  1. 💜 “New Years Day Resolutions” ARE Quit on “New Years Day” EveryOne; it’s ALL About The Moment; if YOU!!! don’t Understand How YOUR!!! CHOICES!!! and DECISIONS!!! 🙏 Create YOUR!!! Future then YOU!!! ARE FUCKED!!! and NOT!!! in a Good Way…put in a Very Basic Way YOUR!!! Future is Based on a Designing Future (DFP) Process; just like technology DFP only does what YOU!!! Tell it To Do whether Conscious or SubConscious EveryBody


  2. I guess I don’t set yearly goals, though I set goals generally. Maybe it would be useful to give goals a timeline. A few days ago, my sister-in-law gave me a goal for this year, which is to set up and present a podcast. I know she’ll check. Happy New Year again to you two!

  3. As I noted in my blog, I made my last New Year’s Resolution in 1969 and have faithfully kept it for 41 years: Resolved, I will never make another New Year’s Resolution. 😁

  4. Goals are good because they give you something at which to aim. However, unreachable or unreasonable goals tend toward depression when one cannot achieve them.
    Many years ago I read the book “My One Word” which inspired me to choose one word each year on which to focus. This year I chose “Peace” because this will be the first whole year without my husband. When things overwhelm me, I want to rest in the peace of Christ this year. I also want to spread peace because this world sorely needs it.

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