22 thoughts on “#51 Thursday Thoughts: What Was Your Favourite Memory From January?

  1. Good question that for me is easy and plain to answer. Visiting with friends. Only a few and we had our shots and have been around each other for a while. (Okay, so it’s not as easy as it used to be.) Second treat for memory was hearing from my family (no one lives close by) and other friends. I hope you both are really well.

  2. 💜 I AM NOT!!! a Frequent Friends sort of person EveryOne; so it’s ALWAYS Pleasing to hear from Firm Friends after a significant period of time and that’s exactly what happened this month


  3. For the first time in as long as I can remember, a friend reached out to ME, knowing I had a need, without my having to ask for assistance and provided exactly what I needed, no questions asked.

  4. Very nice Idea!
    I had a sudden and unexpected difficulty which was very critical from ‘ Time point of view’! I had to use an extraordinary speed and was restless to imagine Possible Failure!
    But as I predicted the Destiny ( and He The God) was there to help me!
    My task was smoothly completed within half the time I was fearfully imagining!
    This event made me believe in the lord and destiny 100 times more than ever before I believed!
    I confirmed the fact that If you are true and sincere no difficulty can make you Fail!

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