1,096 Days With You

Yesterday The Grief Reality turned 3!

Three Lessons From Three Years of Writing:

My Voice Matters:

I came to the blog as the rawest, most frightened self. I ventured into the laptop, my broken heart writing her words for me. 

We had been stripped of everything it felt like. In the first year, we lost my mum, we lost our childhood home, we left our county, we lost our mental and physical health. The foundations of us were spinning in a tornado, and we sat with a pen, ink leaking from the corners of our eyes. Sharing Reality Revisited, particularly the upcoming posts for this month, makes me so emotional. We truly have come a long way.

Katie and I had nothing, and so we had nothing to fear from speaking my truth. I told you everything, unapologetically. I felt like I was speaking the truth, rather than just my story. Katie and I and our voices were all we had left, and if it could help one other person, we had purpose.

Connection Is Everything:

Year two saw us stronger, and beginning to look to what support we could offer to others, in a physical way. We started to host online groups where we could look into your eyes and hear your stories. 

We never thought about how your stories of love, loss and survival would reach into our hearts, and emblazon the cracks with gold. We formed powerful connection where we could be our rawest selves as a group of people who loved deeply. 

A moment that sticks out to me, is when we all lit a candle for our loved ones at Christmas in 2020; each of us spread around the globe but suspended far into the Heavens. United by something much greater than ourselves.

We held space for you, but in your grace, you held space for us too.

the power of choice:

I love the following we have, it is small but it is mighty. We don’t have millions of people searching our names into the search bar, avidly waiting on what we have to say; but I can’t say I’d prefer that. 

I am enamoured by the fact that we have chosen The Grief Reality everyday for 1,096 days because writing and this community means the absolute world to us. 


Sometimes I want to steer my section of the blog back to giving the coping mechanisms I used to write about three years ago. It’s so clear to me that the one thing I can advocate for more than anything else is picking up a pen, paintbrush, laptop and expressing yourself. I would not have the relationship I have now if I had suppressed my emotions. Writing has probably saved my life in more ways than I can ever recognise.

Our celebration is your celebration, and we couldn’t be prouder of the people we have by our side on this journey. Here’s to three years.

What an achievement. 

Evee 🤍

17 thoughts on “1,096 Days With You

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. My blog is almost as old as yours. (We’ll be three on March 15th.) I often don’t comment here because I follow so many blogs (More than I should since I’m trying to find the time to write children’s novels.) At some point, in the not too distant future, I’ll contribute a grief post either about my parents or my beloved dog, Jake.

    I think what you’re doing is amazing by offering folks a place to express their grief.

  2. I’m so glad you’re writing. It does the same for me – it gives me a way to express what I’m feeling instead of suppressing it. I began writing while caring for my husband. It seemed important to write down what I saw and what I felt as it was happening. And now? Now that he is in Heaven, I feel the same about myself. I am documenting my thoughts and feelings about him and about my new world without him.
    I’m proud of you for writing because you’re sharing your innermost thoughts with us who are in similar situations with similar thoughts. Now we know we’re going to be okay because YOU are okay!

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