#58 Thursday Thoughts: What Is Your Favourite Symbol of Spring?

For me, it has to be crocuses. I find it absolutely beautiful that crocuses need the winter in order to bloom 🤍 Crocuses are the ultimate symbol of hope and the importance of carrying on.

What is your symbol of spring?

Me amongst the crocuses 🤍

Best wishes, friends,

Evee x

7 thoughts on “#58 Thursday Thoughts: What Is Your Favourite Symbol of Spring?

  1. What an amazing picture of an amazing young woman in an amazing field of crocuses! 😊
    Our first sign of spring is the daffodils that many of our neighbor have in their yards and usually at our subdivision entrance.
    Most are yellow buds of flowers, but they blossom overnight, even before they are full sized.
    They usually mean “Spring is in business, and winter is over!”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  2. All the spring flowers, but definitely the snowdrops. I am always amazed that, as soon as the snow melts, there they are. Our garden has been buried under at least a foot of snow since late December. This week we had a warm spell, most of the snow melted, and the snowdrops were ready and waiting. It’s a great reminder that no matter how cold and dark things are, something new is just around the corner.

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