#59 Thursday Thoughts: How Do You Best Deal With Stress?

At the moment, I am dealing with stress through art! It has been wonderful to explore an old hobby that I gave up when Mum passed away.

A painting I did in February 🤍

Best wishes,

Evee 🤍

12 thoughts on “#59 Thursday Thoughts: How Do You Best Deal With Stress?

  1. It’s official cherry blossom season in Japan. So myself and a young’n’ did some pink finger painting cherry blossom petals on lanterns. We made them out of white paper. Also some small posters of cherry trees in full bloom. I’d also purchased some Japanese cherry blossom perfume from the Bodyshop via ebay to add to the ambience and my daughter had some Lipton cherry blossom tea too.

      1. Still plenty of time to do the same where you are and enjoy getting paint on your hands. Oh and it is also sap rising time of year in the UK, but that you’d need to know the right tree 🌳 and the How-to-tap into that, as some saps are toxic. ☠️ Still, you can buy maple syrup more easily, and it’s a lot less hassle.

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