#60 Thursday Thoughts: Does It Comfort You That The Person You Grieve Isn’t Witnessing The Global Issues Arising In The World?

I am torn. Sometimes I am deeply grateful that Mum has been protected from the fear and uncertainty we are facing. But other times, I am terrified and all I want is a cuddle from my mum, telling me it will all be okay.

What about you? Where do your own thoughts and feelings lie on this matter? It is a complex issue for sure.

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Katie & Evee x

13 thoughts on “#60 Thursday Thoughts: Does It Comfort You That The Person You Grieve Isn’t Witnessing The Global Issues Arising In The World?

  1. I so wish my son were available for discussion of how best to aid to Ukraine – he would be both prophetic and practical. I settle for knowing that he (and many others) are looking down on this chaos … sending vibes of compassion for sure, and possibly a few vibes of restraint aimed at specific targets. No one person can change the mess we’re currently in – but I sure would like to have a conversation with my son about possibilities. And in answer to your query, I think he would choose to be here interpreting, clarifying for his mom.

  2. Mother always had confidence in 2 Peter 2:9: “The Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials.” She said, sometimes that is by taking them Home before the trials come, sometimes it is miraculously saving in the middle of them (See Daniel 3), sometimes it is allowing us to go through the trials and trust him for the outcome (see The Hiding Place and Betsy ten Boom’s death).
    The first step is to place one’s faith in Jesus and trust Him that “the Judge of all the earth do what is just?” (Genesis 18:25)
    He is near and He is listening for our prayers, and He is not silent.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  3. My Mom passed away February 6, 2020 and I often think about how she never had to deal with the Pandemic – she was quite ill when she passed and needing all the supports during a pandemic would have been awful….

  4. My thoughts vary by specific individuals I grieve. There is a sense of comfort that my mom was spared the restrictions of the pandemic and current global issues. I believe there would have been additional unhealthy stress for her. Regarding my son and husband, if they were here, their perspectives and shared thoughts would have been a voice of reason to have aided in calming my own anxieties.

  5. I often wish my Dad and brother were here to talk about the happenings in the world. To provide their perspective. strong reassuring hugs, and comfort. I miss them immensely. And, simultaneously I am glad they have not had to.

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