Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

96% of our Instagram poll audience said yes. 
We also asked what helps to ease your anxiety…
– Hearing facts that your anxiety can’t argue with
– Yoga 
– Walks in nature 
– Time away from social media
– Being able to connect with people who understand 
– Exercise 
– Journalling
We also asked, “what doesn’t help your anxiety?”
– Alcohol 
– Isolation 
– Being told your anxiety is irrational 
– Being told to think about something else 
– Comparing yourself to others 
– Being especially busy
– Feeling unsupported
I hope these results make you feel less alone, despite how anxiety can make us feel. You are enough, exactly as you arrive.

Katie and Evee x

Some of you who don’t have access to our Instagram have wanted us to share some of the things we post there! Our Instagram has a lot more education-based posts, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

  1. Thank you for sharing as I am not on instagram. I suffer with anxiety too, which has got worse after the last 2 years. I know through chats on Twitter I see, it doesn’t surprise me of the results you have.

      1. I was struggling with other things before covid with anxiety. But the last 2 years have made things worse and I think its done that to a lot of people.

      2. Thank you. I am certainly taking care of me more this year, as I step back on things. I am waiting on another to be released from, which is my deputyship, when its been through the courts and someone else taking over my mum’s financial affairs that has pushed me to my limit. X

      3. I have been under a lot of stress since 2019. But more so than I thought I ever could be in just over this past year.
        And the last 2 years like a living nightmare.

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