Loss and the Future

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Within society, grief is presented as this monumental life event that you go through and come out stronger for it. What society does not prepare us for is the secondary loss that comes after losing your person. 
What is Secondary Loss? We describe this as the losses you experience during your life after their death. For example, for me it was the loss of my mother seeing me through uni, helping me move house, and meeting my friends and loved ones. For you it might be their absence during big life events, wanting to rant or cry to them, or simply wanting to hear “I’m so proud of you”.
These repeated losses are something that we can still get bogged down by, spend days crying over, and have to be grieved in their own right. 
I think it’s the same way that milestones are so painful; they are the reminders of the life we should have had with the person we love so deeply 🤍 
Grief is more than them passing away. Grief is more than a funeral. Grief is the love we have for them; that will never up and leave 🤍

Katie & Evee x

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7 thoughts on “Loss and the Future

  1. For Anita and me, the passing of my Mother and her Ma, includes the grief of not seeing them occupy rooms we had prepared for them in our home. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

      1. Yes, there is always pain when we miss our mothers, and it pricks our hearts when we have guests in “their” rooms. Yet there is joy mixed with the pain, like a rose among thorns, that our mothers would have gladly given up their space for our guests.
        And we will see them again when we join them in Heaven.

  2. Sadness, along with a lot of other emotional states, is a tool in the human toolbox. I will always carry sadness somewhere inside; I live in a perpetually bittersweet universe. Sadness is a message and it’s my task to listen to what it says. Thanks for this.

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